Here is a little about what, how, and why I do what I do. You will find selected sketches, photos, studies, drawings, my process, and some thoughts. These Studio posts are also works in progress and ongoing projects and will be updated when progressed, and of course, new posts will be added along my journey. There is also a little Photogallery here to look at Enjoy!  

The beauty of Still Life

The feeling of presence, and at the same time, an absence that is presence, in a still life, I like the challenge, trying to get that to happen

Still Life

Most of my still-life paintings start with a photo session, but not all of my reference photos become a painting
Still life photography 1

Figurines & clay

The flea markets are one of the goldmines when it comes to finding stuff for my still-life setup
The Goldmine

Study old masters

Using other artist’s paintings as a reference can be a help to understand some of the underlying structures of a painting

Contemporary Studies

Using other artists’ paintings, photos, or even a filmstill as a reference can help to understand some of the underlying structures

Røros Norway


Skagen Denmark

Some photos become a reference to a painting, and some remain photographs just for the sake of it

Bornholm Denmark

Some selected photographs from a trip to Bornholm, a little island in the Baltic sea